Not all paintings are part of a series, but here is a bit more information about those that are …

The Gridz series is a metaphorical high level view of the world, capturing moments in time, as the paths of lives move, travel and intersect with others.  It combines elements of structure with less defined elements, resulting in a synergy of colors and shapes and space.

Gridz Series

The Quadrants series captures multiple individual units or quadrants, joined together in combinations, in larger quadrants. They are reflective of units in our world at large, such as each of us, or groups or concepts. Each unit is unique, and could stand on its own as a work, but is more powerful when existing in unison with others.

Quadrants Series

The Movements series reflects the constant motion, activity and changes in our lives.  Colors that blend well, or that are in sharp contrast, are joined or opposed in fluid movements on the canvas, creating their own harmonies or contrasts, just as in life.


The Squares series is comprised of a variety of styles of paintings, including those described above, sharing the same outside dimensions of 12” x 12”, and with depths of either .75” or 1.5”.   Paintings in the Squares series are used as examples of work due to their ease of portability.  They can also be displayed individually, or in combination with others, to allow for variety and flexibility.